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New Orleans Ghost Hunters

Guest: NOLA Ghost Hunters ( New Orleans premier Ghost Hunting Team September 26th, 2017 9pm EST( NOLA Ghost Hunters's Website)

Established in the spring of 2010 the New Orleans Ghost Hunters have become New Orleans premier ghost hunting and paranormal research group. They are the only team ever allowed officially into some of New Orleans most historic and haunted locations. Using tried and true methods and equipment their priority is the collection of evidence to not only gather answers for their clients but to further their research into the unknown. The New Orleans Ghost Hunters never charge a fee for their investigations or follow ups and if they elect to handle your case you are guaranteed.

With the success of the team has come a 2 cameo appearances on national cable television networks. Paranormal television shows from the A&E and SyFy channels often contact them about featuring some of their investigations on their shows or ask for their assistance in putting together stories about the folklore of Louisiana. In 2014 they tutored an actress from CSI New Orleans for her upcoming roll in a horror movie as a parapsychologist. They co-host Ghost Camp and Paranormal Festival, a 4 day 3 night event held each year that features seminars and ghost hunts at some of New Orleans most haunted locations. Local conventions and libraries invite them to conduct panels and talk about the history of New Orleans, its haunted history and the folklore of Louisiana. They also host Paranormal Talk, a weekly radio show that started on WGSO AM in New Orleans but can now be heard world wide on the Para-X internet radio network. They discuss paranormal news, stories, their latest investigations and anything they feel is educational to the listening audience. They lead by example and remain the most copied and imitated ghost hunting group in New Orleans.


Kathleen Maca

 Guest: Kathleen Maca (Author/Tombstone Tourist) September 26th, 2017 10pm EST (Kathleen's Website)

I am a freelance writer and photographer with a love for old cemeteries, architecture, genealogy and history. I left the advertising industry after over 20 years to focus on family and writing…the best move ever!.

When I was young, my sister and I would spend time at my grandparents farm in Oklahoma, where my mother’s side of the family have lived since it was Indian Territory. My grandmother would chose one day each summer to be the family decoration day, when we would make the rounds to area cemeteries visiting ancestors’ graves, doing a bit of clean-up at the sites and leaving flowers. 

After the graves had been decorated, my mother and grandmother would want to spend “time alone” with certain relatives buried in the cemeteries. At this point, my grandfather, who had been orphaned by the age of five and living on the streets, would walk up and down each row of stones and tell me stories about the people whose names he recognized…which were most of them! 

“Mrs. Keller used to make the most delicious biscuits, and would save one or two for me out of each batch. There’s old man so-and-so who ran the livery stable. He would let me sleep in the hayloft in exchange for cleaning the stalls each morning.”

By the age of 12 I looked forward to these visits and hearing the stories. I had made the connection that there were stories…and people…behind the stones. Telling these stories kept their time period in history alive.

At the same age I became fascinated with genealogy, thanks to spending so much time hearing my grandparents’ tales. Now, this was long before Alex Haley’s “Roots,” so we did things the hard way…looking through dusty, over-sized books at rural courthouses, walking the cemeteries to confirm dates and even visiting funeral homes to read their logs. As a tomboy, I loved the entries from the “wild west” era like, “killed by Injun, fell down well, or hit head from fall form horse (my great-great-grandfather’s notation)."

Eventually I began to realize that I was just as interested in the cemeteries and old records of people who had no connection with my family. And a “Tombstone Tourist” was born.

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