Haunted Voices Radio Archives 2017

Dawn DelCastillo

Dawn DelCastillo (Paranormal Investigator) Author/Investigator October 3rd, 2017 9pm EST( Dawn's Website)

"I am a 48 year old professional, working as a Digital Marketing Strategist and Systems Engineer for a wide range of clients. I have worked for myself for 17 years now and love it. I am highly disciplined in all things that I focus on. I am completing my PhD in metaphysics and am starting on my dissertation now. My area of focus for this degree was Cryptozoology and The Michigan Dog man or Beast of Bray Road. I am also a Left Hand Path follower and a priestess of the Simon Necronomicon. I practice magick with the seven primary gods of the Sumerian pantheon and perform a lot of regular ritual work. I also work with the demonic and am considered a "shadow worker", a shaman of sorts but with a focus on the lower vibrating beings rather than light or higher. this is called many things but I prefer demonolator since it is an old term used by many. I have two very dear friends within this space that I work closely with and learn from (not mentored by, just work with and share with). I am also initiating into Mark Alan Smith's system with Hecate, Belial and Lucifer, although my heart and soul are with the Sumerians.

I founded Anpu Paranormal with a friend of mine a few years back because both of us got tired of the rigid rules of other teams, rules that prevented really trying to help people rid themselves of negative spirits and entities. We have been together ever since. We have a more unique approach to investigations and clearings. I am sure there is a lot I am missing but we can uncover it in the interview or before, I am a complex little onion with lots of layers.


Nicole Strickland

Nicole Strickland (Author/Investigator) October 3rd, 2017 9pm EST( Nicole's Website)

Nicole Strickland currently resides in San Diego, California, and has been innately intrigued with the paranormal since childhood and has studied the field for many years. She has been actively investigating historical landmarks and private residences for paranormal activity since the early 2000s, after a profound experience with the spirit of her beloved grandmother. She is the Founder and Director of the San Diego Paranormal Research Society (SDPRS); and serves as the team’s EVP Specialist and historical locations case manager. Nicole has worked with various Southern California paranormal research teams prior to developing SDPRS in 2009. She was also a core member of the Ghost Research Society, holding the GRS Southern California Area Research Director position from 2009 - 2017. Nicole also serves as a consultant to World Paranormal Investigations as well as a California Representative for the American Spectral Society. Furthermore, she is an area representative to various Pacific Northwest paranormal research teams.

She is also a published author with Penoaks Publishing with her first book, Field Guide to Southern California Hauntings, published in 2009. Her second book, The Haunted Queen of the Seas: The Living Legend of the RMS Queen Mary was published in May of 2010. She came out with a 2nd edition in 2017. Nicole's second book about the RMS Queen Mary, titled Spirited Queen Mary: Her Haunted Legend, was also published in 2017. Both books about the ship are sold in gift stores aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Future works with SchifferPublishing include books on paranormal research and haunted locations.

QUEEN MARY RESEARCH Nicole has conducted numerous paranormal research investigations throughout San Diego, Southern California and even out-of-state. Her favorite place to conduct both historical and paranormal research is at none other than the legendary RMS Queen Mary, located in Long Beach, California. Nicole has spent countless hours on the ship, gathering paranormal evidence and participating in research projects. She gives presentations about the RMS Queen Mary at paranormal conferences and events, discussing the ship’s history, paranormal encounters and showcasing a wide array of ghostly evidence. Additionally, Nicole has talked about the haunted history of the Queen Mary on various internet and terrestrial-based paranormal talk radio shows. She has recently come out with her own website and blog devoted to the Queen Mary, at http://www.spiritedqueenmary.com.

New Orleans Ghost Hunters

  Guest: New Orleans Ghost Hunters  September 26th , 2017 9pm EST ( NOlA's Website)

In the spring of 2010 two friends, David Laville and Keith Cassella were having dinner at a local restaurant when the conversation turned to the topic of ghost and the paranormal. They discussed personal experiences and how interesting it would be to have a paranormal research group that collected evidence and hopefully find the answers to their experiences. They knew living in New Orleans, considered one of the most haunted cities in America, the vast opportunities for investigations and by the time dinner had ended the name the New Orleans Ghost Hunters had been adopted. Several days later David told the idea to his younger brother Mark who joined the team soon followed by his wife, Tonya.

Unlike many ghost hunting and paranormal teams who buy equipment and do the occasional ghost hunt for the thrill factor while calling it paranormal research, the New Orleans Ghost Hunters are a recognized research team who have developed their own theories of the paranormal based on their knowledge of physics. The evidence and data they continue to collect are in support of these theories. They have also come under criticism from other paranormal groups for questioning the validity of some of the equipment used in ghost hunting (their own experiments have proven how easily they can produce false positives) and finding flaws in the “universal theories” of the paranormal.

Unlike many ghost hunting and paranormal teams who buy equipment and do the occasional ghost hunt for the thrill factor while calling it paranormal research, the New Orleans Ghost Hunters are a recognized research team who have developed their own theories of the paranormal based on their knowledge of physics. The evidence and data they continue to collect are in support of these theories. They have also come under criticism from other paranormal groups for questioning the validity of some of the equipment used in ghost hunting (their own experiments have proven how easily they can produce false positives) and finding flaws in the “universal theories” of the paranormal./p>


Kathleen Maca

 Guest: Kathleen Maca September 26, 2017 10pm EST (Kathleen's Website)

NWhen I was young, my sister and I would spend time at my grandparents farm in Oklahoma, where my mother’s side of the family have lived since it was Indian Territory. My grandmother would chose one day each summer to be the family decoration day, when we would make the rounds to area cemeteries visiting ancestors’ graves, doing a bit of clean-up at the sites and leaving flowers.

After the graves had been decorated, my mother and grandmother would want to spend “time alone” with certain relatives buried in the cemeteries. At this point, my grandfather, who had been orphaned by the age of five and living on the streets, would walk up and down each row of stones and tell me stories about the people whose names he recognized…which were most of them!


Mark Nesbitt

Mark Nesbitt Author/Investigator September 19th, 2017 9pm EST( Mark's Website)

Mark worked for the National Park Service(NPS) as a Ranger/Historian for five years. He then became a Licensed Battlefield Guide. His job with the NPS provided him not only the opportunity to spend time in all of the historic buildings in the Gettysburg National Park, but to actually live in four of them. Mark started his own research and writing company in 1977. He did research and advertising copy for some of America’s best historical artists. Being a resident of Gettysburg for over 30 years has provided Mark with a unique “insider” perspective.

Mark will be showcasing some of best EVP Recordings (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) for you to enjoy! You do not want to miss this 2 hour Haunted Voices Radio Special!


Jeff Mudget

Guest: Jeff Mudget (History Channels American Ripper & Author of Bloodstains September 5th, 2017 9pm EST ( Jeff's Website)

The shocking tale in Bloodstains, based on a true story, of one man’s spiritual journey to find his roots, only to discover his direct origins are what nightmares are made of, and his family tree pure evil – Dr. H.H. Holmes, the monster and master of Chicago’s Murder Castle!

Unable to accept this horrible secret, the author’s initial research turns from an eerie fascination into obsession and finally a struggle for his very survival as his inner demons are turned loose while he dances with the devil. Halfway through the book and right up to the terrifying conclusion you’ll find yourself asking what would you have done in his place on this unique and compelling voyage to the undiscovered.



Robert Veach

 Guest: John Weiss (Discusses the Afterlife and his experiences) September 5th, 2017 10pm EST (John's Website)

In a nutshell, I was born in New York City, and at the age of four my family moved to Purchase, a bucolic suburb about 30 miles North of Manhattan. This was a wonderful place to grow up! After high school, I went out to Tucson, Arizona to attend the University of Arizona where I graduated with a degree in Journalism. While I was out there, my family moved back to the city after having lost our home to eminent domain. Upon my return, I joined an advertising agency, and began a successful career that spanned many many years. In addition to being an award-winning copywriter, I developed marketing skills that led to my becoming an independent consultant. In my spare time, I dabbled as a toy inventor and developed two product lines that met with tremendous success. Then, after a long bout with cancer, my life went from the relatively ordinary to the extraordinary when I had my afterlife experiences. Today, I still reside in NYC, and I have a wife, two great kids, and the cutest dog in the world.

Harold Roth

Guest: Harold Roth (The Occult) August 22nd, 2017 9pm EST ( Harold's Website)

Former professor of English composition, artist, writer and Practicing witch, Harold Roth is among the foremost authorities on plants with in the modern occult community. For the past 15 years, he has owned and operated Alchemy Works, an online store focused on herb magic.



Deborah Moffitt

 Guest: Deborah Moffitt (A Deadly Haunting) August 22nd, 2017 10pm EST (Deborah's Website)

Deborah Moffitt is the experiencer behind the acclaimed novel A Deadly Haunting, which drew upon the frightening experiences she and her family endured at the hands of “Mr. Entity,” their unseen tormentor. Vastly intelligent and destructive, this demon wrought havoc in their lives and home, resulting in a daily battle to maintain their sanity. After 25 years Deborah decided to tell her story, detailing what went on in her family's home during the six year period of nightmare in which “Mr. Entity” plagued them.

Deborah's new book Unwelcomed is a purely nonfictional account of what she and her family experienced. Going into more detail of the paranormal phenomena she witnessed, Unwelcomed gives the reader a first-person perspective into the daily torment the Moffitts struggled through in their quest for relief. Many luminaries assisted in their quest, including Ed and Lorraine Warren, Brian Hurst, Kerry Gaynor, and dozens more in the years the entity plagued them.

Born in Southern California, Pasadena to be exact, I was bitten by the acting bug during high school. Had the opportunity to act in two HBO short films and a couple of public service announcement commercials.

My main goal was to become a country singer. After graduating high school and a few years of college it was off to the land of broken hearts and broken guitar strings. Music City , Nashville,TN. If you are determined you can actually make it. Regional Finalist for USA Networks Nashville Star showed I had what it took to me a successful artist. I was signed by an Independent label. The rest is history.

Reverend Raul

Guest: Reverend Raul (Church of Satan ) August 1st, 2017 9pm EST ( Raul's Website)

As an explorer of outsider culture, Raul Antony has been writing and podcasting since 2004. He's currently an journalist and podcast producer for Heathen Harvest, a DJ at Radio Free Satan, and Reverend for the Church of Satan. As a Satanic Priest he's been interviewed on podcasts, radio, and international TV covering Satanism and the history of the Church of Satan.



Marcus Allen

 Guest: Marcus Allen (Nexus Magazine August 1st, 2017 10pm EST (Marcus's Website)

Marcus Allen who is the UK publisher of Nexus Magazine, which originates from Australia and is now available throughout America. Introducing people to Nexus Magazine has been his work and his hobby for over 20 years. He considers that there are 2 types of people in the world - those who read Nexus and those who are about to. Marcus has also spent over 20 years researching Apollo and the photographs as presented by NASA as evidence for landing on the moon. The numerous anomalies, inconsistencies and unexplained details already identified in them have persuaded him that serious doubts exist for the reality of those Apollo moon landings.

Mark Nesbitt

Guest: Mark Nesbitt July 11th, 2017 9pm - 11pm EST  (Mark's Website)

Mark worked for the National Park Service(NPS) as a Ranger/Historian for five years. He then became a Licensed Battlefield Guide. His job with the NPS provided him not only the opportunity to spend time in all of the historic buildings in the Gettysburg National Park, but to actually live in four of them. Mark started his own research and writing company in 1977. He did research and advertising copy for some of America’s best historical artists. Being a resident of Gettysburg for over 30 years has provided Mark with a unique “insider” perspective.

In 1991, the first book in Mark’s Ghosts of Gettysburg series was released. In 1994, he was approached by a member of Gettysburg’s borough council about creating a “ghost” tour based on the stories in his books. Mark accepted the challenge and the result was the first ghost walk in Gettysburg, The Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours®. Armed with tales from his ghost books–and with a few that aren’t–guides dressed in period attire take visitors on evening tours through sections of town that were bloody battlefields; through night-darkened streets to houses and buildings where it’s not as quiet as it should be; to sites on the old Pennsylvania College campus where the slain once lay in rows, and the wounded suffered horribly, waiting to become corpses themselves; to cemeteries where the dead lie. . .sometimes not so peacefully.

Stories from the Ghosts of Gettysburg books have been seen, and/or heard, on The History Channel, A&E, The Travel Channel, Unsolved Mysteries, Coast to Coast AM, and numerous other local television programs and specials.

Sonja Grace

Guest: Sonja Grace June 6th, 2017 9pm - 11pm EST  (Sonja's Website)

Author Sonja Grace is a mystic and healer who provides immediate stability, clarity, and guidance for her international clientele. She is an energy surgeon who defies time and space and works long distance, over the phone, providing healing, counseling and spiritual processing. Her new book “Spirit Traveler” takes one step further into time travel and Sonja’s discoveries of the ancient past.


Nicole Strickland

Guest: Nicole Strickland (Paranormal Investigator)  May 30th, 2017 8pm EST ( Nicole's Website)

Nicole has been innately intrigued with the paranormal since childhood and has studied the field for many years. She has been actively investigating historical landmarks and private residences for paranormal activity since the early 2000s, after a profound experience with the spirit of her beloved grandmother. She is the Founder and Director of the San Diego Paranormal Research Society and author of three books: “Field Guide to Southern California Hauntings,” The Haunted Queen of the Seas: The Living Legend of the RMS Queen Mary,” and “Spirited Queen Mary: Her Haunted Legend”.



Morgan Moss

Guest: Morgan Moss (Owner Myrtle Plantation) May 30th, 2017 9pm EST (Morgan's Website)

Second generation owner of the Myrtles plantation. I grew up on the property and lived in the house for several years. In 2015 I took the property over and began managing the day to day operations. .

Craig Nehring

Guest: Craig Nehring May 16th, 2017 8pm EST (Craig's Website)

Craig Nehring is from Minocqua, WI and lived in that area for 30 years. He lived very close to Summerwind Mansion and that is how he got his start into ghost-hunting. In addition he would see shadows and hear voices and things he couldn't explain.

In 2005 Nehring moved to the Fox Valley area. Around that time the ghost-hunting shows on television, started to pop up all over the place. Nehring decided to build his own team of investigators. His team's first investigation was at an old hospital. In 2010 the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters were in the local news paper, The Post Crescent followed them around in the building and wrote a story on the team. This was only the beginning.

Now in 2017, Nehring never thought they would be where they are at. Some teams don’t like publicity or to be in the spotlight. Craig is

John Polk

Guest: Reverend John Polk.  May 2nd, 2017 8pm EST ( John's Website)

Reverend Polk was born in 1969 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting, and another Bachelor of Arts Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. This university granted John the title of International Metaphysical Minister after his studies were completed. John is also a Reiki Master, and an instructor in Usui Reiki. He is the founder of Wolf Spirit Ministries, LLC. In addition to all of this, John was gifted with the ability to be a channel and a medium.



Matthew Alper

Guest: Matthew Alper April 25th, 2017 8pm EST (Matthew's Website)

Matthew Alper attended Vassar and graduated from SUNY Stonybrook with a BA in Philosophy. He has worked as a history teacher in the Brooklyn projects, a tutor in the Philippines, a truck smuggler in Central Africa a a produced screenwriter in Germany from whence he returned to NYC to write what he considers his life’s work, “The ‘God’ Part of the Brain.”.

Todd and Phil received several requests from our amazing listener's, for Matthew to return!  Your feedback is very important to us and in this case... Ask and you shall receive!  Requested topics will include more critical thinking methods, in addition to how to best apply them to your paranormal research. 


Open Discussion

Guest: Open Discussion April 25th, 2017 8pm EST (Chatroom Website)

Join your hosts Todd Bates and Phil Roel as they take your live calls and discuss all things paranormal!  Todd and Phil will start of with a debate on the existence of demons, to set the mood and get your critical thinking juices flowing!  Do you believe they exist?   They want your opinion!

Todd and Phil received several requests from our amazing listener's, for these open discussion call-in shows and now it's your turn!   They started it, so you need to help them finish it.  Don't just sit there and contemplate the problem, call in and become a part of the solution! 


2nd Hour GuestDavid Warner April 25th, 2017 9pm EST (David's Website)

David WarnerFor David A Warner, everything around him was fading. He lost awareness—finding himself, seconds later, waking into darkness. With his heart racing, being covered in sweat and experiencing memory loss, he ran for his life out of his brothers dark basement room. Running upstairs and down the hallway towards his bedroom, a flicker of memory ignited the event—striking like lightening. He immediately froze—with chilling vibrations moving up and down his spine—acknowledging his first out-of-body experience (OBE).

On July 27, 1987 he experienced an event that forever changed his way of thinking and maturity—such that included life after death, self-realization, and a spiritual awareness. This has helped him facilitate in-depth documenting, and scientific research into the OBE. It's definitely a gift from God to explore thousands of experiences and allowing him to share his story.



Jill Marie Morris

Guest: Psychic Medium Jill Marie Morris.  April 18th, 2017 8pm EST ( Jill's Website)

Jill Marie Morris is an Author, Writer, and Investigative Psychic Medium. She has authored two, nonfiction books: of 207 (2011), and Saints Sinners & Sacred Ground (2013). Both books are based upon experiences that transpired in Upstate New York..

Additionally, Jill has been a Psychic Medium since early childhood. She uses her abilities to help individuals deal with grief and loss, as well as works on cold cases. She also continues to investigate both known and unknown hauntings across the United States. Setting her aside from many, Jill does not charge for private consultations, cold case work, or house readings and cleansings.

For the last 5 years, Jill has also served as a contributing writer for Paranormal Underground Magazine. She writes articles pertaining to the paranormal, spirituality, and psychic abilities.

Known to be incredibly spooky and seriously funny, Jill showcases her remarkable abilities and biting sense of humor at many of her events, including Food Wine & Spirits.


Wheel 'O Psychic Show!   Call-In spin the wheel and get your FREE reading by one of the professionals below!



Psychic Medium Tristan Rimbaud April 18th, 2017 9pm EST ( Tristan's Website)

Tristan Rimbaud

For more than fifteen years, Tristan Rimbaud has celebrated international acclaim as one of the most accurate psychic mediums in the world. He remains a media fixture with hundreds of guest expert appearances on radio and television programs worldwide including the FOX reality series, Trading Spouses. He has been featured in The Huffington Post and has authored numerous books, articles, and horoscopes. Tristan is the sole proprietor of New Life Old Soul™, offering psychic telephone readings, and live events.


Auriel Grace



Guest: Intuitive Reader Auriel Grace.  April 18th, 2017 9pm EST ( Auriel's Website)

Auriel Grace has been able to communicate with and see spirit guides, angels and other unseen beings since the age of five. She has learned the art of soul retrieval and helps people with their growth of consciousness by giving Deeksha Blessings. Her new book “Haunted – A Psychic Story” is available to purchase through Amazon.



 2nd Hour GuestPsychic Medium Solana Fox Film April 18th, 2017 9pm EST ( Solana's Website)

Kyle Lester

Radio and Television Personality, Author Solana Psychic Energy Medium, Reverend, Demonologist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Guidance Counselor. Offering Private Tutoring with, Class with Solana. Reminding you of your abilities.

Step into your knowing, with Solana Psychic energy medium and discover the world of synchronicity, while gaining coping tools and activating your inner GPS. 

Solana is available locally for Psychic Fairs, Ghost/Energy Clearing (People, Building and Land Clearing) and Speaking Engagements. Also available for Individual, Group Gallery Readings (Off and Online), Paranormal Investigations , Phone and Skype Experiences.



Vaxxed The Movie

Guest: Del Bigtree  April 11th, 2017 8pm EST ( Vaxxed Film Website)

In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the agency’s 2004 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism.

Dr. Hooker enlists the help of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British gastroenterologist falsely accused of starting the anti-vax movement when he first reported in 1998 that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. In his ongoing effort to advocate for children’s health, Wakefield directs this documentary examining the evidence behind an appalling cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens.

Interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children reveal an alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.


Robert Wilcox

Guest: Target JFK Author Robert Wilcox.  March 21st, 2017 8pm EST ( Robert's Website)

Robert K. Wilcox is a bestselling author, screenwriter, historian and journalist. He specializes in mysteries and military history. His 11 published books include Target:Patton, The Truth About the Shroud of Turin and Scream of Eagles. He began his career at the Miami News, winning the Supple Memorial Award as the nation’s best religion writer. He went on to write for the Miami Herald, New York Times, New York Post and other major newspapers and magazines as well as television and movies. During the Vietnam War, he was an Air Force information officer.

Todd and Phil will be discussing the J.F.K conspiracy with Robert and who he feels was responsible for the assassination of one of this nations most popular presidents.  Do you feel Lee Harvey acted alone?  Were the Russians involved?  Find the answers LIVE!




2nd Hour GuestKyle Hester Preacher Six Film April 4th, 2017 9pm EST ( Kyle's Website)

Kyle Lester

Kyle Hester was born in New Orleans La. to a professional football player father (Ray Hester of the New Orleans Saints) and a cheerleader mother (Hollis Huntoon). His inspiration to act came early in life starting out in drama class in junior high school. Kyle then attended the High School for the Performing and Visual arts in Houston, TX. He double majored in theatre and dance in his senior year. You may have seen him as a dancer in Houston at The Tower Theatre.

Kyle has had the honor of working with award winning directors John Frankenhiemer, Bruce Beresford and Mark Shelton to name a few. His film career has taken him to both sides of the camera including building the 1/3rd scale sets for "Team America" and being the art department lead man on the T.V. show "Wipe Out". Keep an eye out for his first producing venture "Burden of Freedom" where he will produce as well as play one of the lead characters. Support this film at https://www.gofundme.com/preacher-six-independent-film Facebook public page: https://www.facebook.com/PreacherSix/ 



Tom Conwell

Guest: Tom Conwell March 28th, 2017 8pm EST (Tom's Website)

UFOlogist, Tom Conwell, has been an Electronic Technician with the US Navy and Honeywell, Inc. for 42 years, a Honeywell Temperature Control, Fire Alarm and Security Software Specialist, Biomedical Engineer, is Fire Alarm Level II Certified, a Metrologist and HVAC Engineering resource. Tom has a wide-ranging expertise with a keen awareness of physics, computer and internet software and a broad knowledge of electronics and how it intersects with the paranormal world and UFO’s.

Tom remains a vital scientific resource on Extreme Paranormal Encounter Response Team and embraces the wealth of information and theories that embody the title of UFOlogist. Over the past two years, Tom has written an extensive collection of blogs based on aspects of UFOlogy, has published two volumes of a book series, has studied and researched UFO sighting reports from the US East Coast and Central US and can talk about any or all of these subjects.




 2nd Hour GuestGrace March 28th, 2017 9pm EST (Grace's Website)

GraceGrace is an Award winning TV News veteran sharing life behind the scenes as a Journalist and Psychic Medium. Grace is an honored recipient of a number of commendations for her work as a television broadcaster including the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, 1994 Northridge Earthquake, 2007 New Life Church Shooting, 2003 New York Al Qaeda Terror Capture and roster of famous celebrities in film and television. For more than 20 years, she has worked to bridge the analytical world of journalism and intuitive world of interdimensional communication, more commonly referred to as Psychic Mediumship. “This is a fascinating time in human history and I look forward to the journey”, Grace says.

Grace shares her extraordinary story of two different worlds in the recent book, Good Evening, I See Dead People — a collection of interviews and articles in surprising revelations about communicating with the dead, covering world news events and one-on-one discussions with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. 



Seth Shostack

Guest: Seth Shostack of S.E.T.I.  March 21st, 2017 8pm EST ( Seth's Website)

Seth’s educational background includes a BA in physics from Princeton University and a PhD in astronomy from the California Institute of Technology. His research work on galaxies, using radio telescopes around the world, included 13 years at the State University of Groningen, in The Netherlands.

Other activities include a software startup in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a computer animation company in Holland.

For most of a decade, Seth was a Distinguished Lecturer for the International Academy of Astronautics, and for ten years was chair of the IAA’s SETI Permanent Committee. 

In addition to publishing more than 60 papers in refereed research journals, Seth is heavily involved in science outreach. He has appeared on hundreds of national and international TV and radio shows, and is host of the SETI Institute’s weekly, one-hour radio show, “Big Picture Science,” now broadcast on more than 100 stations in the U.S. and Canada. He has penned more than 500 published popular articles on science, technology, photography and film. He is the author of four books, including a college textbook on astrobiology.



 2nd Hour GuestAluna Joy Sacred Site Expert March 21st, 2017 9pm EST ( Aluna's Website)

Aluna Joy

Aluna Joy Yaxk’in coined the term “sacred site junkie” because she is one. Aluna was born aware and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. After her first trip to Mexico in 1986, she was hooked and her life completely changed. To this day, her work continues to be influenced by many mystical and shamanic experiences in sacred sites of the Maya, Inca, Celtic, and Egyptian/Atlantian worlds. She is considered an Earth Oracle and is a watcher of humanity and Earth. She can navigate between the physical and spiritual worlds. She watches the evolution of sacred sites like a spiritual precursor, thus perceiving possible trajectories for our future. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant, or seer of living energy. Aluna simply considers herself a Spiritual Archaeologist using her natural born Clairvoyant / Clairsentient gifts to read ancient and current energies of the sacred sites and transmits the messages of the etheric guardians. She has been guiding pilgrimages to these areas since the 1980s. 

Aluna offers free Ascension and Energy updates on her Website and Facebook. She formulates Sacred Sites Essences, offers a limited number of Star Elder Soul Healing Sessions, and is a student and author is Maya cosmology and astrology. Her next Pilgrimage is to Scotland in August of 2017. Egypt and Mexico will soon follow. She can be reached at www.AlunaJoy.com Facebook public page: www.facebook.com/alunajoyyaxkin 



Katie Montana Jordan

Guest: Katie Montana Jordan March 14th, 2017 8pm EST (Katies's Website)

Katie Montana Jordan's involvement within the realm of the paranormal stems from when she was harassed by a malevolent being as a child. She has since been formally investigating with various psychic and paranormal organizations for over 20 years. Katie is a published freelance writer with areas of specialty in holistic healing, paganism and the occult. She is Writing Consultant and Field Researcher to Paranormal Research & Investigations, as well as Occult Specialist and Independent Consultant to San Diego Paranormal Research Society and Occult Specialist and Independent Consultant to Scottish Ghost Adventures. Katie is also Co-Host and Occult Scholar to the What Are You Afraid Of Podcast. In addition to taking on investigative casework, Katie also holds lectures and teaches classes on occult-related topics, and has been a guest to a myriad of radio, podcast and film projects. She maintains that, because ghosts are earthbound energies, the whole of the paranormal and parapsychological fields are subtopic to the studies of theology and spirituality. Both an ordained minister and pagan priestess, Katie is currently obtaining her PhD in holistic theology. A Whitefish, Montana native, Katie now resides in Portland, Oregon..


 2nd Hour GuestKenny Biddle March 14th, 2017 9pm EST  (Kenny's Website)

Kenny BiddleKenny Biddle is a self-taught photographer, researcher, science enthusiast, and paranormal photographic evidence specialist. He created "I am Kenny Biddle", a YouTube channel and Facebook Blog that addresses paranormal topics - including methodology, equipment, "theories", and alleged evidence - from a skeptical viewpoint. Kenny has been featured in Skeptical Inquirer newsletter several times, written articles for science magazines in France and Italy, and is a photography consultant for MUFON, and his work has been featured in books by Benjamin Radford. He writes, lectures and conducts training classes on analyzing alleged paranormal photography and how to apply critical thinking to investigations. In 2007, he self-published a book called "Orbs or Dust; A Practical Guide to False Positive Evidence", which detailed the many ways paranormal photographs are created. He co-hosts the weekly podcast "Geeks & Ghost" with his buddy Luis Castillo, which covers Geek culture and paranormal topics with a more comical format. He also partnered up with Sharon Hill to form and organize the Anomalies Research Society; a growing network of professionals that focus on ethical, evidence-based investigation of paranormal and anomalous events. He continues to expand his knowledge and combat pseudoscientific practices and misinformation.



David Meade

Guest: Author David Meade March 7th, 2017 8pm EST ( Website David's Website)

David Meade is a researcher, investigator and writer by background. He has served at these levels, working both for the federal government and in private industry – the latter primarily Fortune 1000 Companies. In both capacities he has written investigative reports for the highest levels of management, and boards of directors.

After close to four years of research into the Planet X mystery, he wrote a book about a year ago entitled Planet X – The 2017 Arrival. His media interviews on You Tube have approached one million views, and his book has been distributed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other platforms in most Englishspeaking countries, available in eBook, audio and printed formats 


 2nd Hour Guest: Investigator Matthew Schulz March 7th, 2017 9pm EST ( Website Matthew's Website)

Matthew SchulzBorn into the Scooby-Doo generation and having a curiosity of all things paranormal since a child, Matthew Schulz's interest in the spiritual realm was greatly heightened when it was discovered his uncle and aunt lived within a haunted turn-of-the-20th century mansion located in Alhambra, California. Modeled after a European chateau, The Pyrenees Castle is now infamous for being the one-time home of music producer Phil Specter where he was convicted of murdering his companion, Lana Clarkson.

At the age of eight, Matthew sneaked a shoe box style cassette tape recorder into the estate's attic while attempting spirit communication. With no knowledge of paranormal investigation techniques, these efforts would be later known to him as his first Electronic Voice Phenomenon [EVP] sessions. Several decades later, Matthew cut his formal organized investigation teeth on fascinating locations leading to co-creating and four years of co-hosting Paranormal Investigation Tours at the San Diego Whaley House Museum. 

Starting his fifth year, Matthew is the current Resident Paranormal Investigator and host of late night weekend Paranormal Investigation Tours aboard Long Beach, California's historic Queen Mary ship. 



Sonja Grace

Guest: Healer Sonja Grace February 28, 2017 8pm EST ( Website Sonja's Website)

Sonja Grace is a mystic and healer who provides immediate stability, clarity, and guidance for her international clientele. She is an energy surgeon who defies time and space and works long distance, over the phone, providing healing, counseling and spiritual processing. Her new book, “Spirit Traveler” takes one step further into time travel and Sonja’s discoveries of the ancient past.



 2nd Hour Guest: Author Larry E. Arnold February 28, 2017 9pm EST ( Website Larry's Website)

Larry E. ArnoldLarry E. Arnold redirected a background in mechanical and electrical engineering to explore the unconventional. As director of ParaScience International, which he founded in 1976, he has studied and researched phenomena which challenge orthodoxy… none more than the subject of his third book: ABLAZE! The Mysterious Fires of Spontaneous Human Combustion. .



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