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Welcome to the WHVR-DB Radio Network. Our network consists of a wide variety of live programs that delve into every facet of talk radio such as, ghosts, ufology, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, psychics, meditation, spirituality, music, and more!. Tune in and listen as our talented hosts take you into deep and diverse discussions of a wide variety of topics with fabulous guests every week. Be sure to join us in our LIVE interactive chat room too!                                                                                                                                            Listen to Stitcher

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Upcoming Shows

Haunted Voices Radio

Wednesday, April 2th
Host Todd Bates
LIVE 9e/8c/6p


Thursday, April 3rd
Host Mary Marshall
LIVE 9e/8c/6p

Under the Surface

Friday, April 4th
Host Lori Hines
LIVE 9e/8c/6p

Chicago Bob's Blues

Sunday, April 6th
Host Chicago Bob
LIVE 9e/8c/6p

A Gang of Girls

Monday, April 7th
Hosts Auriel & Donna
LIVE 9e/8c/6p

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